My Book Affairs

Growing up, I loved reading books. I didn’t truly appreciate the power of reading and writing until I started writing my own stories. There’s a true freedom to being able to have total and absolute control over something that could impact the way others see the world. As a teen, I wrote tons of stories – it was one of the few things that made me happy. I could mold and bend the world around my will as I saw fit. There’s no feeling like that in the world!

Being a Tech-Geek, when I bought my first “reading device” to help me download text books for literature classes for my college courses I never imagined I would rediscover the joy of reading again. I mean let’s face it, once you get old enough reading gets old because all you seem to be reading is boring text books day in and day out. After I finished my summer courses, my Kindle brought me so much joy because I could buy digital books for a fraction of the price – not to mention you could buy entire novels for $.99. Thank you technology! =)

My Love Affair with Books

Recently, I spend every unoccupied moment with my face submerged in the screen of my tablet – swiping away at novels. Amazon has reawakened my love of reading. Now one of my guilty pleasures in life is my inexpensive Romance novels. Most of my books consist of self-published authors and a few big names. I can honestly say it’s one of the things I enjoy doing. I spend more time reading – trying to absorb writing styles and character developments. Most of the books I have read have been surprisingly enjoyable to read. Some weren’t. But hey, that’s the way of the world right?

If you’re looking for some good reads on a budget – check out some of the books on my list or read the review before you buy!




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