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NBA 2K17 Review – A New Culture

Anyone a fan of the NBA 2K games? It’s funny how quickly everyone flocks to the store to buy the latest 2K games every September. For those who have played the previous versions of the game, you’re familiar with the standard modes: MyCareer, MyTeam, etc. Not much has changed with that.

The biggest improvement of this year’s game is the advancement made with MyCareer mode. 2K’s newest installment of NBA 2K17 MyCareer brings your basketball career to life with more in-game and behind the scenes features to keep you plenty busy between games. 2K17 brings a new perspective to building your player up from the bottom to MVP status. Long gone are the days playing MyCareer and building up your player with the same old methods. 2K has made it even more complicated to build up your player’s reputation. Add in that you can now manipulate your jump shot using two different shooter’s styles to create your own unique form. Sign me up!

Let’s start off with the brilliant launching pad pre-sale mania, known as “The Prelude”, which starts your story off in college. You can choose between 10 different colleges to attend to start your career to NBA stardom. Your character, “Prez” (you can change the nickname later in the storyline), is a highly coveted high school phenom – bound for the NBA before he’s even played one college game. You’ll play a few games and build up experience points to give you an extra boost before the official release of 2K17, and you may even win an NCAA title along the way. Build up some relationships with teammates, and even get a basketball-loving girlfriend, before you head into the 2016 NBA Draft class.

After you’re drafted to an NBA team, you immediately get introduced to another rookie teammate named Justice Young (voiced by New Jersey’s own, Michael B. Jordan). Justice’s charisma and underrated talent begins to create a special bond between the two of you which makes for an amazing chemistry on and off the court. Justice will push you to be a better player, every step of the way through your career. The more your chemistry builds, you will begin to see the effects on the court with the ease to bring a new level of  excitement to the game.  #OrangeJuice

Did I mention that you have more interactions with your teammates outside of the games? Your teammates come visit you at your place and workout with you. Team practice is somewhat mandatory, but the fun is in the drills you run with the team. Every team you play during the season gives you a different practice agenda. Earn your bonus points with your coaches for extra playing time and extra time put in after practices. Develop and hone your abilities in the gym with free weights, coordination drills and open practice hours. As your career unfolds and you get sponsorship offers, you have the opportunity to earn more VC coins based on performance in games (triple-doubles, assists, etc.) and sponsored events you attend. Create friendships with other NBA all-stars, attend events and generate some buzz around your career. Gaining your fan base is even more fun than past games, start heating up on the court or do a monster dunk, and see a fan’s in-game tweets as you watch your popularity grow in the league.

Personally, I enjoyed the addition of the Pre-Game and Post-Game commentary. It makes the game feel more realistic, rather than staring at load screens. The storyline of this game is far better than past versions, providing twists and turns based off your answer choices and attended events. There’s so many things that can happen to you while playing. Truthfully, I don’t think many gamers would have the same experience with their player.

Be prepared to compete with your friend’s characters in the My Career mode. Now you can play online using your character in one-on-one, or three-on-three games.  Put all of these fun features together, you’ll be playing this game forever. This game will have you questioning the fate of your career from the opening credits. Get ready ballers.


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