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3 Reasons To Consider Paying For Digital Marketing

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research for friends on how to boost their start-ups on limited budgets. In the age where everyone is now branching out and creating their own place in the various industries out there, it becomes extremely costly to build up your brand – and considering most of us are just barely making enough to cover the cost of living, it gets to be stressful.

Since branding is the name of the game, the internet has become your biggest ally in the pursuit of success (or failure). Building a web presence has it’s immediate effects on time and resources. Not knowing which things you should be putting in place initially can make the process cumbersome. Each piece of that presence should be determined by the kind of service, or product, you intend to market. Some social networks may not be the best option for you, in the beginning, especially if your team is very small or just yourself. The one that is the most important is getting a website. Everything else will be built around your site.

Unfortunately, it becomes very hard to set aside the time to really do a full-scale marketing strategy to build up your clientele. The beauty of the internet is you can now market to anyone around the world. You can definitely take advantage of the free methods to market yourself, however, it requires a great deal of time and effort to make sure your message gets people. The disadvantage to this is you’re only reaching the people who are already interested in you. So the next problem becomes “how do I reach new people?” This is where paying for digital marketing comes into play.


With the constraints of budgeting your personal expenses, and now your start-up, you may think you can’t do a lot with online marketing. That is a myth. In most cases, you can market on Facebook with a budget as small as $50. You’re able to set parameters such as age, gender, interests, and more – which makes your budget work best for you.

Reduces Actual Effort From You

After you set the ads to run, what do you have to do next? Nothing. The ads will run within your date ranges and setting, then give you reports and updates as they happen. Just sit back and watch your exposure grow before you’re eyes.

It’s Cheaper Than Older Marketing Methods

While marketing the old way – newspapers, bus ads, printed materials, etc. – still has it’s advantages, it can be very costly using these avenues initially. Just to put an ad in a newspaper could cost you 2-3 times more than investing in online marketing. For that same amount you would pay for a display ad, you can reach 3-5 times more people digitally. Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely invest in printing your own materials. You will still need them but you won’t require as many. Not to mention you’re reducing the cost of wasting money on brochures or flyers people could be throwing into the garbage. More money in your pocket could only help you in the long run. There will be other expenses you have to worry about.

Ready to build your business, or brand, but don’t know what to do?

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