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Casual Gamer: Madden Virgin On Board!

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While I’ve been a LONG TIME football fan, I never had the time to invest in one of the greatly acclaimed Madden NFL games. Sure, I have plenty of guy friends who obsess over this game months before its release. I even have some who document their teams stats on paper (for what reason I’ll never know). Keep in mind that all of my boys play this game and yet I’ve never had an interest in picking up a controller to join in.


Apparently, this is my year of changes across the entire board. This summer I decided it was time to “pop my Madden cherry” to see what the fuss is all about with this.

Of course with my non-profit pay grade, I waited until I could find a good deal on the game which came via Groupon for Madden ’15 (yes, Groupon to the rescue again) in September.

Once I got the game home, I opened it immediately and dived into it head-first. Lucky for me, EA must be tracking my gaming experience (the power of the internet) because it automatically took me through a walk-through of the game and its features before I could even start a profile.

Screenshot Credit:
Screenshot Credit:

Shortly after, I started an online franchise. And yes, I am aware that’s quick but who cares! I’ve been having fun playing it so far. Learning the controls wasn’t too hard. Now, I look forward to mindless nights of online play….

My Seahawks team is currently 8-0 for the regular season coming off their SuperBowl win! Yay!



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