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Changing Up Your Style On A Budget?

In my recent fashion transformations, I’ve been working with a small budget to give my clothes new life. I noticed I had a lot of cute single pieces but never really enough to complete the look, so I’ve been attempting to fill in the blanks to get my stuff up to par.

Taking a great deal of advice from my personal fashion consultant, my sister (Fashion Designer, Ju!ceBox!), I started with the easiest things:

  1. What works for me in the items I already own?
  2. What pieces could be tweaked?
  3. What accessories can go with which outfit?
My Halloween Costume: Canary, from Arrow (CWTV Series).
My Halloween Costume: Canary, from Arrow (CWTV Series).

How cool is it to have a great Halloween Costume?

Did I mention the outfit is comprised of pieces from my actually closet?

I made this up with clothes I owned or recently purchased, with exception of the mask which I got from Etsy. So I can wear this again together or separately!

With those things in mind, I tackled my closet with a vengeance. Since then, I have been adding more things to get my “looks” to mold around my true personality.
Follow Nike’s board my look book on Pinterest.

Check out Cosmopolitan’s article on how to revamp your own wardrobe!

10 Easy Ways to Look Instantly Less Frumpy




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