A #NiktonamousPrime Fashion Intervention

The last few months I’ve been going to a metamorphosis with my entire life, it feels like, and haven’t been more excited to do it! Now that I’m getting closer to 30 (gross), I’m starting to streamline the way I do things – finding better ways to achieve my goals, growing my freelancing status, and getting rid of ‘seasonal’ relationships. To take things a bit further, I was struck with the motivation to renew my image via my wardrobe.

I am not what you call a “girly-girl”. I mean I went through high school – and parts of college – wearing baggy t-shirts and jeans. I never really was very concerned with my clothes back then because I was involved with my sports. The other reason why I didn’t want to wear ‘girl clothes’ – the clothes for plus-size girls was HIDEOUS!!!!  Do you really know what clothes were like for me back in the 2000s? Ugh! Sadly, the Plus size industry was only geared toward OLDER WOMEN (had to at least 50+). As if there weren’t any young women who were touting some serious curves. Seriously, it was offensive to big girls everywhere.

Stores like Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart were selling these “Church Outfits” in bright in unrealistic colors or simply just different cuts of t-shirts and jeans for high prices. Do you have ANY idea how unbelievably annoying that is to a young girl whose got big boobs and a nice ass – who doesn’t like frilly clothing? It’s the most frustrating thing on earth! Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more throwing on a cute tee and jeans on a Saturday while running errands. But what about when I go out with the girls or a date? Total disaster!

Thank god for the plus size re-branding! Finally, women could find sexy, edgy and fashion forward clothing in their size. I stumbled upon Torrid when I was in my early 20s and that’s when I started to feel like their was a niche for me. I found clothes that were my kind of edgy with anime graphic tees, spiky accessories and other things. I will admit I’m kind of a Tom-boy but I had a place that could allow me to be comfortable in my own skin while giving me the womanly silhouette I possess. What a confidence builder that was for me.

As I hit my mid-20s, all the plus size stores were bringing up their game. Total shock for me. It only took them another 4 years. *Dramatic eye roll*

Places like Lane Bryant had gotten the picture and started giving more variety. Honestly, it’s one of my new favorite stores to shop. I’ve found so many great pieces that I can mold into my specific style. Tunics and leggings were becoming popular and what a difference it made. Being that my sister is a recently graduated fashion designer, she’s always been my go-to when I go shopping. She helped me understand the best cuts of clothing for me and paired it with my personality. Everyone should have a fashion consultant! =)

Now with my mind set on changing things up, I recently dumped a ton of my old clothes off with the Salvation Army and decided to start over. Through a few great discounts and coupons, I’ve been able to buy some really great stuff to sport my body and give me a fresh look.

I’m so excited about this change that I’ve started a new board on my Pinterest to show it off!
Take a look! I will be sharing more looks as I rebuild my closet. #SwerveTheseCurves


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