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Review: “Beautiful Bastard”

Beautiful Bastard

Author Name: Christina Lauren

Overall Rating:   4.3/5.0

Emotional Connection to Characters: 4.5/5.0

Book Synopsis:

Ever hated someone so much it drove you to have hot passionate trysts (in your office) that you never wanted to ever happen – repeatedly?

Chloe Mills is the intern/assistant to the COO of Ryan Media Group, affectionately nicknamed the Beautiful Bastard, Bennett Ryan. Bennett is everything Chloe loves and hates in a man but she’ll be damned if she ever says it out loud. Bennett is driven and extremely passionate about the job. However, his interactions with Chloe from day one have been less than “professionally-friendly” and more of WWIII.

She can’t stand his constant door-slamming, huffing, and arrogant outbursts. If it weren’t for her internship requirements, she might be tempted to quit to be rid of the Beautiful Bastard once and for all. But Chloe’s determined to build her career at RMG and become one of the top Marketing executives in the Chicago area, despite what Mr. Bennett Ryan tries to throw her way.

When Chloe and Bennett are in a room together things can become quite heated… and that was before they wound up on the conference table exploring each other’s body in the most intimate of ways. After their one “mistake”, Chloe and Bennett continue to find themselves tangled up in this twisted relationship of heated arguments and unbelievably amazing sex. Determined to keep things under wraps, they vow to never speak of it again but the pull is too strong for either one to fight.

Despite his many attacks on Chloe’s work, Bennett knows this woman is more than capable of running the world with her business savvy and work ethic. Yet he can’t seem to shake the feeling that she’s meant to be so much more to him than just his employee/mentee. But Chloe has other things in mind for herself…

My Thoughts:

Bennett Ryan is one of my most favorite romance characters of all time!

Try as he may to deny his true feelings for the woman he “despises” – his loyalty to her is unmatched. I honestly loved every bit of Bennett’s struggle to handle his emotions. Sure he was a bit juvenile in his methods to create distance between them but his alpha-male tendencies were off-the-charts HOT!

I really enjoyed Chloe’s state of mind as a career-driven woman. The girl was on point with what she wanted from her career at RMG and she took zero shit from anyone – including Bennett. She wanted to be a forced to be reckoned with in the industry no matter the cost to her personal needs. Her determination to stay away from the Beautiful Bastard was funny. As much as she hated his guts for being the BB, her body knew what she desired the most.

I couldn’t stop reading this book the first time I read it. I just had to know what happened next…

Bennett can be my Beautiful Bastard ANY TIME!


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