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Review: “Her Forbidden Hero”

Her Forbidden Hero

Author Name: Tessa Bailey

Overall Rating:   4.0/5.0

Emotional Connection To Characters: 4.0/5.0



Book Synopsis:

Alyssa Scott, college graduate, is finally coming back to her hometown. Now completely broke with nowhere to go, Alyssa seeks a job at a local bar called “Whiskey’s”. Coming home brings back a lot of memories that overwhelm her at once – most of them not too pleasant. Desperate for cash, Whiskey’s is the only option for her to work. Oh yeah, and her brother’s hot best friend, Marco is working there too.

Marco Vieri has too much on his mind. After barely surviving his last Special Forces mission, and losing three men under his command, he’s back home tending a bar with a brooding attitude in his hometown. Home is the last place he wants to be. All he can think about is everything he’s lost over the last year of his life. Top that off with a surgically reconstructed left arm that is permanently hindered from scarring. Marco has no time to be involved with any women, least of all Alyssa Scott. Now faced with realizing his best friend’s baby sister is no longer a little girl, he tries to distance himself as far away from her as possible.

As Marco tries to keep his distance from Alyssa, he soon realizes that there’s no escaping her. Through a series of bad breaks, Marco finds Alyssa sleeping in the club’s green room after hours. Thoroughly pissed off that her life seems so dark, Marco offers to take her into his home despite the obviously bad idea he knows it will be. Now with Alyssa living under his roof, Marco’s life is completely blown to hell. Everywhere he goes Alyssa’s beautiful face is right there. What is a man to do?

 Reflection of Writing Style:

This book was actually quite enjoyable. I truly felt the weight of guilt Marco carried throughout the story. The struggles he was facing were absolutely heartbreaking. The bond between Alyssa and Marco was adorable. The way that he was so protective of her, because of their long-time friendship, was truly endearing despite his obvious denial of his attraction to her.

At some points in the book, the prospective got a little mixed up and I didn’t know who was narrating the scene. It threw me off a couple of times but I really thought it was cute. The ending was very sweet.


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