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Musical Interventions for the Creatively Suppressed

How do you create new material?

Working in the design industry I find it very difficult to sometimes find creativity after I’ve spent a full day exacting my will and talents over a project (in most cases it’s several at a time). And working in a close-knit environment sometimes stifles my ability to work efficiently. When those times approach, I reach out for my Adventure Time headphones and plug into my ‘Happy Place’ – my music – to get refocused.

There is nothing like having your playlist on iTunes sending you away from the chaotic atmosphere most of us are usually surrounded by. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do very much but it can sometimes be impossible to come up with a single original idea to make this project different from the last.

When you spend your entire day listening to people tell you how to position things on the page – but end up coming up with a better solution that’s more pleasing to the eye – you tend to lose that freedom you get when you start something. Or at least that’s how I feel most of the time…

Anybody else have multiple playlists that are designed for a function or a specific mood?

Anyone who knows me will tell you I probably have a playlist of just about everything…

  • “Workout” Playlist: Yeah, we’ve all got one.
  • Good Morning” Playlist: I’m not a morning person so I need to make an extra effort to get myself moving in the morning.
  • “Office Groove” Playlist: Specifically designed to keep my mod neutral throughout the day when the chaos becomes too much to bear.
  • “IDGAF” Playlist: Oh, yes. That is a real thing for me. When people piss me off, I go to this one to refocus my energies into something more productive.
  • “Love Me” Playlist: Hey. I’m a girl… You’ve got to have a collection of your favorite love songs.
  • “Seductions” Playlist: Everyone
    A DVD cover for audition video.
    A DVD cover for audition video.

    has a “Deluxe Get The Drawers” mix somewhere right? Girls are allowed to have one too, guys.

Honestly I probably have about 20 playlists on my iPod now. And as a new function/mood hits, another one gets tacked on. It’s how I function…

Whatever your poison, any creative type has to eventually escape from the chaos and chatter of the day. The next time you feel like you’re about to scream your head off, throw on your headphones and blast that playlist!

For more about the effects of Music and our productivity, check out this article:


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