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Review: “Marked: Part 1 | The Missing Link”

Marked-Part 1CoverMarked: Part 1 | The Missing Link

By: J.M. Sevilla

Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

Cost: $0.99 in Kindle Store

“Smoking Hot Bad-Ass + Delicate Flower = Deadly Duo”


I have to be honest when I downloaded this e-book from Amazon Kindle Store, I wasn’t expecting too much from it. The price was on the cheap side so I just went with it…


It’s nice to be caught off guard sometimes. =)

This story is narrated by Lily, who is just moving back home with her mother after having an abusive breakup with her ex-boyfriend. Lily’s so over the drama of having everyone stare at her bruised cheek and wishes she could find a way out of this Thanksgiving dinner. Dying for an escape from the scrutiny of her remorsefully-looking family members, she’s put to the task of inviting her scary-looking neighbor over for dinner.

At first glance, the scary young man living across the street looks like a lonely soul who doesn’t need the comfort of others. In fact, his general “fuck off” vibe probably scares away everyone. But the second Lily lays eyes on this sinister-looking man, with three ugly scars over his eyes, she immediately feels an uncanny connection to him. They don’t speak initially but there is certainly something lurking behind those blue eyes staring back at her.

When most people would run away from him at first glance, he  is completely flabbergasted by this brunette beauty sheepishly smiling back at him. Being the bad-ass killer that he was brought up to be – this mystery man finds it impossible to even look at this woman without feeling predatory. Feelings? What the hell is that?

During a night out with her girlfriends, Lily has a chance encounter with the mysterious man from across the street again. He seems like a nice guy even though his aura is a dark as the night’s sky. There’s just something about him that makes her heart race and stomach flutter out of control. After nearly being kidnapped and raped by a group of men from a dark alley behind the club, Lily is saved by her neighbor whose name she still hasn’t learned. Watching him simply annihilate the four men who tried to take her, with no effort on his part, Lily clings to the man she now knows as “Jay”.

As the story continues. Lily’s paranoia is spiraling out of control except when she is in the company of Jay. Lily’s clingy demeanor starts to irritate Jay, especially when she keeps popping up on his door step at random hours of the night seeking his “protection”. Jay is clearly trying to keep his distance from Lily but somehow she still ends up on his couch and in his bed (totally platonic). Trying to assuage Lily’s fears, Jay agrees to teach her some self-defense moves to build up her confidence and get her to finally leave him alone.

What happens when your past finally comes to the light and threatens the very thing you hold dearest to your heart? Chaos!

Can I just say how captivated I was by this story? I was reading this book practically non-stop from start to finish. Jay was the kind of guy every adrenaline junky girl would die to have by her side. Not only was he absolutely lethal, he was just as affectionate with Lily. As Jay’s life comes out into the light, he discovers that running away from the one girl who makes him feel like more than the son of an infamous contract killer may be the worst thing he’s ever done. Once his cover is blown and the people hunting him set their sights on Lily, Jay dedicates all his energy into getting her back unharmed. And I feel sorry for the bastards who get in his way!

The entire book I was hoping that Jay would come to his senses and find the one girl who makes him feel like a regular person. Being pleasantly surprised by this book made me buy the sequel just to find out what happened next! Don’t worry that review is coming!


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