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Review: “Crashed” (Book #3 of Driven Trilogy)

K Bromberg's third installment of the Driven Trilogy.
K Bromberg’s third installment of the Driven Trilogy.

“An emotional roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless and wanting more…”

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

K. Bromberg’s Driven Trilogy is a wild ride into the life of two damaged people who coincidentally collide into each others lives with an undeniable chemistry that jumps off the pages. Reading all three books in the series,”Crashed” was by far the craziest emotional roller coaster I’ve ever experienced in a book. Bromberg’s characters will latch onto you from the first paragraph and make you feel every ounce of their pain, joy, fear and love.

In “Crashed”, we pick up from the fallout of Colton’s disastrous crash in the first race of the NASCAR season. Poor Rylee is on the brink of pure madness, not knowing what is going on or if Colton’s even survived to be saved. In an act of divine intervention, Colton survives and is on a harsh road to recovery. Being the free and wreckless spirit that he is, Colton finds it extremely hard to deal with his slow recovery along with his newly declared feelings for his beloved Rylee. After being numb for so long Colton struggles to hold on to a semblance of control that he’s needed to keep from losing his mind.

“You are my checkered flag…” ~ Colton Donovan, “Crashed” excerpt.

In this book we will see the true evolution of the relationship of Rylee and Colton as they learn that “for better or worse” is literally their mantra for life. As they uncover the dark secrets that lurk in the shadows to threaten their relationship, Colton is forced to move on from his past before it destroys everything he thought he never wanted for his future.

“A to motherfucking Z.” ~ Colton Donovan, “Crashed” excerpt.

See the Author’s full description of “Crashed” here.

I pre-ordered this book, awaiting its release on March 3, 2014. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see it drop down in my queue in my Kindle app. As soon as it was downloaded, I was flipping through the pages like crazy. I was so enthralled by the flow and emotion of Bromberg’s writing, I laughed and cried so many times it’s not a joke. My heart was breaking for Rylee and Colton throughout this entire book. And even when I finished it, I couldn’t get the images out of my head of these two. It was insane! I loved this book. I’m actually looking forward to reading it a second time in a week.

I can’t wait for the spin-off! =)

Get your copy on!


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