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Batman: Arkham Knight? RockSteady Really Does Love Me!

Batman: Arkham Knight

Have I mentioned how much I love Batman games?

Well, after watching this little snippet of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Series finale, I think I’ve fallen in love all over again.Arkham Kinght2

“In the explosive finale to the Arkham series, Batman faces the ultimate threat against the city he is sworn to protect. The Scarecrow returns to unite an impressive roster of super villains, including Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn, to destroy The Dark Knight forever.

Batman: Arkham Knight introduces Rocksteady’s uniquely designed version of the Batmobile, which is drivable for the first time in the franchise. The addition of this legendary vehicle, combined with the acclaimed gameplay of the Batman Arkham series, offers gamers the ultimate and complete Batman experience as they tear through the streets and soar across the skyline of the entirety of Gotham City.” ~ Kevin Conroy’s Facebook Page

I’m so excited to see what this game is going to be like I can hardly stand it! I am so ready for the next installment in this great series of games. Only thing I hope for is that I have a new Xbox One to play it on by the time it drops later this year.

Bring on the ass-kickings, B-Man! =)


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