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Just “Be With Me”…

The Quiet Intensity Takes My Breath Away…

Overall Rating: 4.5 out 5 stars

“Be With Me” (Wait For You Series)

Be with MeBy: J. Lynn

My little guilty pleasures in life have become modern romance novels. I’m not afraid to admit it. Deep down, I’m a hopeless romantic like the next girl. Reading has been my source of relaxation at night. And there’s nothing like curling up into a good book.

With that said, J. Lynn’s “Be With Me” literally took my breath away. This is the third installment of Lynn’s “Wait For You” series. I have read all three of them but this was definitely my favorite. Lynn’s depiction of people who are “damaged” in some way pulls you into the story that makes you yearn for them to one day find peace and happiness.

In this installment, we follow Teresa Hamilton – Cam’s baby sister – and her life as she deals with an injury that has her dreams of becoming a professional dancer on hold. After dealing with an abusive boyfriend in her high school years, Teresa is finding her way through life – or at least she’s trying to. Now faced with the fear of not being able to get on the stage again, Teresa must find a new life to fall back on. Attending the same college as her big brother, Teresa discovers living in Cam’s shadow may carry more burdens than she anticipated – especially when it comes to her long time crush – with her brother’s best friend, Jase Winstead.

From the time she met Jase, Teresa has always seen him as the perfect guy for herself. Even though Jase is a few years older, they immediately bond and share this unique closeness that made Teresa seemingly fall in love with him from the first day he walked through her front door. Their friendship is one of Teresa’s most precious relationships in her life. But even Teresa knew her stupid crush couldn’t possibly go anywhere at the age of 16. Things wouldn’t have been so hard if it hadn’t been for that extremely hot night over a year ago, during her senior year of high school, when her friendship with Jase took a crazy off-ramp behind a mind blowing kiss. Now every guy she’s ever come in contact with must measure up to Jase’s memory. Can we say “big trouble”?

Jase has got quite the reputation on the campus. He’s the popular frat boy whose quiet intensity can only be described as “life-changing” by all the women on campus and his greatest weakness is his “Tess”. Out of sheer respect for his best friend (and facing his wrath if he ever found out), Jase tries his hardest to avoid Tess (Teresa) at all costs despite the obvious feelings he has for her. But eventually, his heart wins out and he’s faced with the hardest decisions he will ever had to make – along with some secrets no one knows.

J. Lynn’s characters have such great depth that really makes you connect with them almost immediately. Teresa’s story is so gut wrenching throughout the entire story that I couldn’t help feeling so terrible for her. While Jase, poor thing, his inner turmoil was truly amazing. I was so addicted to this book, I literally came down with a mild case of insomnia because I just had to know what happened next! The writing was fluid and enticing every step of the way. Lynn’s depiction of her characters learning how to move on from their dark pasts was truly inspiring. I was rooting for them the entire way!

I’m excited to for part 4! Keep up the nice work J. Lynn!


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