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My 2014 Resolve

Every January 1st, people take a look back at the life they’ve lived for the past 365 days and reflect on the lessons they learned. Some go on to complain about the bad shit that’s happened to them. While others are so over-the-top about all the good things that happen…

“Yay, 2013 is finally over! I can start my life over again… Blah… Blah…”


Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you get to wipe the slate clean because you posted a new calendar on your wall. Get real!

I’m not going to say that my view is cynical but it’s just more realistic. Starting a new year is about evolving the state of mind. As a whole, I reflect on everything that happened to me in the past year so that I make the best choices going forward. Whether I’m building upon something I’ve started or putting a cap on the shit that needs to be buried in the ground, I know that everything that has happened has led up to this. I realize that being in my late twenties gives me a new prospective on what it is to be an adult.

Here’s my list of realizations for 2014:


I was never the “clubbing” type but the ideas of pulling all-nighters playing video games with my boys has long since passed. Problem with adulthood is we get tired – QUICK. By the time you make it home from work, your mind is so filled with the crap from the day you can barely focus on the idea of what you’re having for dinner.

If I’m up past midnight, I must have insomnia or someone has pissed me off to a point that I can’t focus on anything else.


This statement is for people who always wind up doing the same shit every year and make a half-ass promise to make a change but they rarely ever do.

The truth is you are the same person, you just do and see shit differently because you got old. If you’re lucky, some things will change because you’ve somehow FINALLY gotten annoyed with the same crazy shit that’s been happening for years and now you can’t take the insanity anymore.

Crazy – Doing the same series of events repeatedly expecting an alternate outcome.


Why get bogged down with shit that you can’t really change?

I will admit that I can be a worrisome person most days, but I’ve come to an understanding with myself that some things in life you just got to say “F*** It” as a defense mechanism to protect yourself.

Recognizing the things you can change about your current situation and the ones you cannot will help you reduce the amount of stress in your life. Add on those extra years to your life – just say “F*** It” (and it applies to everything: relationships, work, etc. It can even be used as a substitute for the word “no”.)

Get some F*** It in your life.


Think about that one person whose sheer stupidity drives up your blood pressure at the drop of a dime. The person who drives you absolutely bat-shit crazy with the way he/she decides to function but is steady trying to tell you how YOU should be doing things. Yea, you know that person…

I have discovered my tolerance for asinine things has taken a gigantic plummet. No longer will I mask my utter distaste for your lack of intelligence because it’s the right thing to do (see #3). Nope, not going to do it to myself. Just because you have some kind of mental block that prohibits you from thinking doesn’t mean I need to be subjected to it on a daily basis. In my younger days, I would be nice no matter what. Don’t think I’ll be taking that path ever again because with my age comes the experience to know the difference between “Book Smart”, “Common Sense Smart” and just “Plain F***ing STUPID.” It may come as mean, but you know what – people seem to positively respond to people who are a little more abrasive anyway. It’s a Win-Win for me!


Let’s be honest with ourselves. In high school (and maybe college) having a mass volume of friends was the way to get noticed and be seen as someone important. Once you get past a certain age (roughly between 25 and 28), you begin to weed out all of those people who were “seasonal” and start to focus on the ones who will be lifetime members in your life.

In most cases, you carry over a few friends from high school that  still have a close bond with you. Then there’s your friends from college who you occasional get together with to drink and share a meal a few times a year. Your office buddies who you bitch to about work-related crap and go to bars with on a Friday night to drink away the bullshit of the week. Don’t forget about those few friends you’ve adopted by association (your cousin’s girlfriend, your ex’s sister). And if you’re really lucky, you can mix them all together to have one kickass party.

In all honesty, do you really need to be friends with 2,000 people to be happy?

Don’t be afraid to let some of them go. Some people you just outgrow over time because you bonded over one specific thing at some point in your life. Others, however simply just turn into complete assholes and need to be let loose purely on  principle (see #3). Think about. How the hell are you going to keep up with everyone’s story, birthday, spouse, children’s names? That is impossible. If you haven’t spoken to them in over three years, chances are they’ve forgotten about you too. Thin the herd, it’s ok.

So in conclusion, these are the 5 things I know I have adapted to my life because it’s simply just time to do it. Being honest with yourself is the most important thing you can do in 2014. What realizations have you come to so far?


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