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Casual Gamer: Batman Arkham Origins

First of all, let me start by saying how much of HUGE Batman fan I am. I have loved this DC Comics character since I was a child. I love the comics. I enjoyed the movies. And once they started creating the video games, I’ve been obsessed with them.


Second, I have been a gamer since I was about four years old and that hasn’t changed. Now, I’m a grown woman who looks forward to game releases and marvels at the graphical advancements the industry has made over the years. Keep in mind, I’m not a hardcore gamer but I do love my video games as much as the next guy/girl. And when a game has a great storyline, it sucks me right in to that universe.

So for my birthday, I received the new Batman Arkham Origins game for my Xbox 360 (Best Gift EVER). I tried to resist cracking the plastic the first night because it was already Mid-night and I needed to get up for work in a few hours. Then I said “What the hell, let’s crack this anyway!”


From the second the opening credits hit, I was floored with how crispy the graphics were and I immediately starting smiling like a fool. Let me just tell you in advance, I just started playing the game 48 hours ago – I am probably going to go home after work and play for a few hours – so I haven’t gotten far in the main story yet. I will tell you I like the feel of this game so far.

I heard talks about there being some glitches in the game that restricted things from happening but I haven’t encountered anything like that just yet. But I am excited to give this my attention for a weekend.

Wish Me Luck!


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