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Weekend Warrior Tales: My love of Groupon

Groupon & Me

I know everyone is familiar with the “Groupon” Epidemic but I just had to share my thoughts on it. I signed up for Groupon last summer and I swear by it now. I have found so many interesting offers to take advantage of places in my area.

Since I work  for a non-profit organization, it has been very hard to get out and enjoy life recently but Groupon has made it so much easier on my pockets to have a little fun during the weekends. I have experienced local Portuguese-style dinners, Thai cuisine, Tennessee-style barbeque and more. It truly has been a wonderful thing to take advantage of the offers in my local towns. I would never have known about or be able to afford these places without Groupon. So thanks Groupon! =)

I can’t wait to see what offers they’re going to have this summer! I’m super excited to get this experiences. This year, I’m thinking Paintball and archery…

Bring on Summer!


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