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Weekend Warrior Tales: "Peace on the Beach"

Weekend Warrior Tales: “Peace on the Beach”

Feeling completely stressed lately, a friend and I decided to take trip to Bradley Beach on Sunday morning. Considering I haven’t been to the beach on the plus-side of 20 years, I was reluctant to go at first but quickly changed my mind. This spur of the moment trip turned out to be one of  the best things I’ve done in a while.

Sitting on the beach with nothing to do and no one to bog me down, I actually enjoyed myself. I also realized this is a great cheap daycation the I could take multiple times during the summer. With about $20 of food supplies, I could have enjoyed the entire day just taking in the sights. Watching the waves crash against the rocks. The breeze was a little stronger we would have liked but all in all – it was a great reintroduction to the environment.

Anyone want to join me next time?


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