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KJ: The next movement…

Working with KJ….

KJ’s upcoming album from J-Houze Productions is going to be a hot one!

This album cover project is probably one of my favorite freelance design projects though I am having trouble deciding on my personal favorite.

 KJ asked if I would be willing to do this for him and I jumped at the chance to really help him put his name out there. His old-school Hip Hop vibe in his songs takes me back to when music had a real message behind it. It’s almost reminiscent of the 1980’s LL Cool J rhyming. I personally enjoy the music. He’s even ventured into making R&B tracks for his artists…

R&B Track Music: Watch YouTube Video Here!

Recently, I’ve been working with him to build up his production company, J-Houze Productions, and promote his new artists as well as himself. Bringing all of his beats to life in his studio truly amazes me. He’s just starting out but I think this timeless music he’s bringing to the world could change the way society sees Hip Hop again.

This song “Intimate Thoughts” is one of my favorites right now but I’m excited for his full release of White Noise- coming soon. You better believe it’s going to make you feel young again.

“Intimate Thoughts” music video: Watch Video Here!



Another spectrum of Hip Hop that’s going to ignite the airwaves soon… Did I mention KJ’s also apart of a group? KJ and Deadman form the unrivaled group K-Notah. These two bring to unique flavors to the music and make meld together so effortlessly. This music is the hype music I’ve been waiting for. Finally, some more artists from New Jersey and representing our ‘Hood like never before.

Don’t believe that this music is hot? Check it out for yourself. K-Notah “What A High” Video Here!!!


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