Applying Your Favorites To Your Portfolio

Applying Your Favorites To Your Portfolio

My quest to becoming a better freehand artist has been harder than most people think. I have creativity in my blood but I’m not the best drawer. So I have been using some of my favorite things to help me enhance my skill set. I did this piece a while ago but I’m hoping I’ve made some progress…

The subject of my project was an anime character from the Shonen Jump’s Bleach TV series. Ichigo Kurosaki is one of my all-time favorite characters on the show. Mostly because he’s such a badass but he also has one of the better storylines on the show. I had been doing a Bleach marathon for a few days so that I could catch up on my episodes. And yes, to the true anime fans, I watched the original episodes in Japanese with English subtitles. I was feeling the need to draw something in my sketch book so I was using my current obsession with the show to fuel me. I found a picture on Google tohelp me focus on.
Unfortunately, I have a tendency to be (or try to be, anyway) a perfectionist so it took me a while to actually finish my drawing of Ichigo. Roughly two hours later, I ended up with this masterpiece.
I was so excited that it came out so well for me, I decided to immediately post it to Facebook and show off to my friends. After posting it, I tagged a few of my friend who I knew were fans of the show. Still, I knew there was something missing with my piece. I wasn’t completely sure of where I wanted to go with it yet though.
The next morning, one of my friends left a comment to the effect of “That’s cool… Let’s see you finish it now.” Naturally, I took that as a personal challenge and I began my process. I scanned in the raw drawing from my sketch book then took it straight to Photoshop CS5 for cleanup and revisions. So I pulled Ichigo from the raw image and duplicated the layer into a new document.
I broke things into segments so I could replicate skin tones and lighting effects. I honestly had a lot of fun doing this part of the project. I tried matching colors as best as possible. After finishing up some more cleanup, I played with different brush presets Photoshop had to offer the dress-up my background.
Here’s my final product…

What do you think?


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